Documentaion and Benefits Services

Downtown Day Services Center

Service Offered: Disability Benefit Assistance (11am-2pm, Monday), Legal Benefit Assistance (1pm-2pm, Monday), Low-Income Benefit Assistance (9am-5pm, Tuesday), DMV Services & Assistance (9am-4pm, Thursday)
Center Hours: 9am-5pm M-F
Location: 1313 New York Avenue NW (M-F), Vermont Ave (Saturdays/Sundays)
Phone Number: 202-383-8810

Friendship Place Drop-In Center

Service Offered: Vital Document and Benefit Assistance
Center Hours: 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
Location: 4713 Wisconsin Ave NW
Phone Number: 202-364-1419

Miriam's Kitchen

Service Offered: Vital Document and Benefit Assistance (8am-11am, M-F)
Location: 2401 Virginia Ave NW
Phone Number: 202-452-8926 x234

So Others Might Eat

Services Offered: Vital Document Assistance, Benefit/Insurance Assistance, Governmental Agency Navigation Assistance (8am-11am, M-F)
Location: 60 O St NW
Phone Number: 202-797-8806

Thrive DC

Service Offered: Vital Document Assistance and DC Identification (10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, T-F)
Location: 1525 Newton St NW
Phone Number: 202-737-9311

Community of Hope

Service Offered: Insurance Enrollment Assistance
Location: 2375 Elvans Road SE
Phone Number: 202-540-9857